As all our craftsmen partners we personally know Elena Camilla Bertellotti, exquisite person and great artistic sensibility, jewel designer and one of the most interesting protagonists of current research on contemporary jewelery in Florence and Italy.

Goldsmith of the Florentine school, following a vocational course in the 90s and then makes practice as boy shop in the heart of artisan Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Mastered the technique, she opened a goldsmith workshop with direct sales in Forte dei Marmi, her native country, where, in addition to trade jewelry starts searching for her own creative style.

The shape and the technical characteristics of the metals, gold, silver and bronze are her engine. The result is a collection of rings sculpture combined with poetry, where the shape means the concept , successfully presented at Book Fair of Turin, edition 2003 and 2004.

Turns out the aluminum that brings together the other metals being able to realize large earrings but the lightness that complete the series of models in bronze and silver. The collection is then enriched by the color of semi-precious stones in a line of rings, earrings and more complex sometimes in combination with other unconventional materials such as suede, layers of PVC fabrics.

Today Elena Camilla Bertellotti participates in national and international trade fairs offering her collection a constant movement continues her research into the design and creation of contemporary jewelry with an eye always to innovation and quality.

In September 2012, the magazine VOGUE Accessories enhances her work, publishing some pictures of her jewelry in editorials.