Elisabetta Corti was born in Florence in 1964 from a florentine family.
As a child breathes creativity, every member of his family has a passion for a different art form: jewelry / goldsmiths, goldsmiths design, tailors.
All these realities stimulate his artistic vein.
At free time from school engagement, she joins her father in his business and acquires the first goldsmiths abilities. She was wearing the prototype before it becomes a real gem. Aesthetics and beautiful becomes part of its everyday reality. Her father becomes ill…. after the unexpected encounter with a father’s friend, the South Tyrolese designer H. Schonweger, she moves to South Tyrol. Beginning with the first notions of graphics, his teacher and companion Schonweger follows her closely, then with time, put it in various furniture projects. After the meeting with the photographer Sigismondi he decided to create a blend of nature and art. His works are photographed in a natural context.

At the end of this path, begin to propose yourself individually as artist.
Recognized by Architects, Designers and Private Designers in Florence, Milan, Rome and Northern Italy she had a selected audience of admirers.

Her artistic graphics works can be placed in both public and private places.
The works are done graphically with mixed technique and produced on certified cotton paper. Each of her works is unique.