Leonardo Frizzi

In United States they call them “part time makers”, in fact the time they make to build knives is much less than part time and still occupies a lot of free time day by day.

Leonardo Frizzi, custom knives master “Made in Firenze”, is dedicated to the construction of the knife for passion, constantly engaged in the design, elaboration, continuous research of new tools, materials and production techniques. Each of his knives is personally hand-made in every part of it,  even the leather linings of his knives.
He started to build knives in 2002, creating a dream that has been cultivated from child age. Living in the countryside of Florence, grew up in a family of great hunters, he learned to love outdoor life and to have the knife as an indispensable tool for everyday use.

Among his finest knives he can boast prestigious trophies in the custom handmade cutlery:
– 1st place in the National Competition for Best Amateur Knife, Scarperia, 2003
– 1st in the Custom Show in Langhirano, 2004.
– 3rd Closing Knife in Scarperia, 2009.
– 2nd Closing Knife in Scarperia, 2010.

Since May 2006 he has been part of the prestigious Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai (Cic)
In 2007 he reached the “Master” qualification in custom knives.
He has performed internships with Fabrizio Silvestrelli and Flavio Poratelli Masters.
The magnificent knives, the beautiful materials, speak for him of a quality made of daily work, constant, patient and perfect.