Aftersun Moisturizing Milk



Lenitive. Protects from burning.

COSMETIC DESCRIPTION: The active ingredients aloe and St. John’s wort provide a refreshing, soothing and calming effect to redness, which comes from over-exposure to the sun. These two plant extracts are absorbed rapidly by the skin, thanks to the creamy texture of the milk and its composition which is particularly congenial to the skin tissue. Thus skin is softened, moisturized, and left without a trace of greasiness.

DIRECTIONS: Apply the product after exposure to the sun’s rays, massaging lightly until completely absorbed.


1 – Apply before exposing skin to sun’s rays.

2 – In order to ensure protection, apply frequently and always after bathing.

3 – Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, even when using a sunscreen.

4 – Keep newborns and children out of direct sunlight.

5 – Too much sun exposure can be harmful to your health.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Anionic 0/A type, hydro-soluble emulsion.


EXCIPIENTS: Substances of a sebumlike composition and sebum-regulating actions, with a high level of penetration.

PRESERVATIVE: compliant with EEC norms.

PERFUME: tested mixed scent.

– 5.3 fl.oz.

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