Anti – Age Cream



Day/night cream for all skin types.

COSMETIC DESCRIPTION: With Vitis Vinifera polyphenols, Sericine (silk proteins), Hydrolyzed Elastin, HyaIuronic acid and Vitamin E. The presence of vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid (basic components to the skin structure) povides an excellent anti-oxidizing action. The synergy of Vitis Vinifera poliphenols from Red Ivy with hydrolized elastin and Hyaluronic acid, ensures the effectiveness of the cream and maintains the natural elasticity of the skin. Anti-Age Cream smoothes wrinkles already present, prevents new wrinkles from forming, tones and nourishes the skin, improving its elasticity and giving the skin a healthy and luminous glow. The added ingredient, Sericin® (new silk proteins), offers a particularly delicate treatment, recreating a silk effect on the skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply morning and evening. For all skin types.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Anionic O/A type, Water-soluble thick emulsion.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Vitis Vinifera, Sericine (silk proteins), Polyphenols, Hydrolized Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

EXCIPIENTS: Substances of a sebum-like composition with sebum-regulating action, with high value of penetration.

PRESERVATIVE: compliant with EEC norms.

PERFUME: tested mixed scent.

– 1.7 fl.oz.

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