Boning Knife In Cow Horn Cm 31/12.2 Inc



The blade of medium length, stiff and tapered shape, which serves to detach the meat from the ‘bone, is also called “Scortichino. Mainly used by butchers, but is also useful in the kitchen for small animals like rabbits, chickens and wild game. One of his classic use is applied to the ham, to separate the ‘bone from the flesh. E ‘, but’ s unique, perhaps one of the few knives that you can grab a fist with the blade down, like a dagger. The tip of the knife should be very sharp and very hard to ensure the proper functionality.

Technical specifications

  •  Blade: 420 stainless steel forged
  •  Handle: tip of ox horn, olive wood, buffalo horn * (on request), boxwood * (on request)

Additional information

Weight7.00 kg


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