Firming Milk With Anti – Stretchmarck Action



Tones the skin and prevents stretch marks. Doesn’t stain.

COSMETIC DESCRIPTION: Hydrolyzed Placenta stimulates the use of oxygen by skin cells, accelerating their metabolic action. Vegetable Collagen helps to slow down the ageing process of organic Collagen, stimulating the formation and renewal of this basic component of our skin. Hydrolyzed Elastin helps maintain the natural elasticity and tone of the skin. Almond Oil performs a softening, protective and sebum-restoring action because of its high content of triglycerides and fatty acids. The association and the synergy of these active ingredients makes this Firming Milk an effective product for firming and toning and as a specific treatment to prevent stretch-marks.

DIRECTIONS: Apply once or twice daily. Massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Anionic 0/A type, hydro-soluble, fluid emulsion.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hydrolysed Placenta, Vegetable Collagen, Hydrolysed Elastine, Almond oil.

EXCIPIENTS: Substances with sebumregulating action, with high value of penetration.

PRESERVATIVE: compliant with EEC norms.

PERFUME: tested mixed scent. –

5.3 fl.oz.

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