Lilliputian Complete Chess Set (Board And Pieces) by Benzoni – K809CS



K809CS Benzoni Chessmen made in bronze, finished using gold 24 Karat. Size : King h 2.7″ Base 0.7″- Lilliputian Onyx and Bronze handmade chessboard: base 13.3″x13.3″x2.5″ – Square 1.4″x1.4″

This is a luxurious handcrafted limited production of chess set “Lillipuziani” ( Lilliputians ) themed chess set with chess pieces in 24kt gold-plated and silver-plated made in solid bronze. The Lilliputian chessboard is made of onyx and embedded in a handcrafted 24kt gold-plated and silver-plated solid bronze base. Each of these beautiful 24kt gold and silver plated chess sets is completely hand made and signed by the sculptor.
This is one of two themed chess sets with Lillipuziani(Lilliputians) themed chess pieces. This exquisite luxury chess set features chess pieces with square bases.  The chessboard board is onyx with a Lilliputian themed details, choose it for you!


100% Made in Italy

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