Mediterraneo – Shampoo, Body Oil And Conditioner By Pura Arte Firenze


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Complete Shampoo, Body Oil, Conditioner with Argan Oil Hair & body Oil with Argan Oil Smoothing fluid with Argan oil. Recommended for both hair and body leaving your hair and skin hydrated without being greasy. Conditioner with Argan Oil Nourishing mask with Argan oil. Use it to repair the damages caused by chlorine and sun exposure. Shampoo with Argan Oil Moisturizing shampoo with Argan oil. Thanks to its richness in vitamins this formula is highly recommended after chemical treatments or chlorine and sun exposure.

MEDITERRANEO is an Elixir of beauty and wellness. Thanks to the exceptional age-old characteristics of Argan oil which it contains, it has anti-radicals, antioxidants, moisturizers and emollients. Used on fragile hair, it feeds and strengthens the fibres, hydrating them and making them appear soft and shiny. It can be used to strengthen and give shine to nails. It is absorbed quickly without leaving traces of oil to leave skin radiant, soft and smooth. Anti-aging, it stimulates the production of collagen, preventing wrinkles and stretch marks. The ideal product to keep handy at all times… on holiday it can be used after sunbathing or after swimming in the sea or pool; in the city it can be used to protect the skin and hair from the elements, smog and pollutants.

PURA ARTE FIRENZE Creativity & Professional, Quality Products MADE IN ITALY PURA ARTE FIRENZE is the result of a meeting of two realities. The quality of professional products made exclusively in Italy and the creative designs of our local artists, Made in Tuscany. Quality in unique and original creations, directly from the professional salon to your home.

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