Pasto – Graphic Art Design by Elisabetta Corti



Title: Pasto (Dinner) by Elisabetta Corti

Printing on photo paper available with frame (not included in the price)

Cold images, day by day use objects and …. a stone. Nothing is strange today, reality is something that is related with what you belive and prefer…or not? So are you eating too much?

Abstract paintings are the expression of unusual sensitivity, a profound and refined aesthetic taste, an artistic perception that goes beyond traditional patterns. Treat yourself to art in your room or living room, letting you be seduced by Elisabetta Corti’s inspiration and from Made in Firenze. All the artworks by Elisabetta Corti are copyrighted.

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Graphic Art Design:  is a type of art that covers a wide range of art forms and requires great imagination and mastery of highly refined technological tools. GDA ( Graphic Art Design) has often been used by advertising companies as an effective communication tool for targeting of the public but today is also an innovative and modern artistic expression; unique as it is the only one of Elisabetta Corti’s work, printed only once in the size you prefer on special cotton paper.

Graphic art is typically two-dimensional and includes calligraphy, photography, digital art, printed art, lithography, screen printing, typography and bindery, and sometimes all these things together. Colors, shapes, contrast are the way of a great way to communicate.

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