Sabrage Sword Cm 42/16.5 Inc



Sabrage Sword cm 42/16.5 inc


  • The scabbard is original and elegant tool to open bottles of champagne. Born under Napoleon, the tradition of the French military was often used to celebrate victories in battle with it “decapitated” the neck of the bottle with a method called “sabrage.” The knife with which you make the shot does not require sharpening as it slides down the neck of the bottle and with a decisive gesture you hit the edge of the neck jumping on. The breaking of the neck is clear and does not leave small splinters that fact are fired away from the first jet of gas that comes with a very high pressure (about 6 bar). For this Saladini renews the idea with its beautiful Sabrage making it more refined and this particular transaction; the handle is covered in olive wood. specifications – Blade: 12C27 stainless steel hardened 11,5″ – Handle: olive wood grips with 5″ – Elegant wooden box.


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