Set Of 4 Pcs Large Cheese Knifes In Olive Wood



Complete Tray of Large Cheese Knifes – 4 Pcs

Blue-veined and soft cheeses – For blue cheese and soft cheese you use a knife low profile, thin blade makes it easy to avoid cutting the cheese from sticking steel. Semi-hard cheeses – For semi-hard cheese knife has a blade long, rigid and pointed. Hard cheeses – For hard cheeses, and particularly more than the cutting talks a rupture with the use of this knife is an evolution of the classic “drip” from grain: the forms are open to first crack and then chipped. Knife of Service – Excellent for cutting small shapes in semi-hard cheeses, but anchem thanks to the tip fork, for the service in the table of cheeses.

Technical specifications

  •  Blade: stainless steel AISI 420 Forged
  •  Handle: in olive wood

Additional information

Weight6.00 kg


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