Set Of 6 Pcs. Rustic Knives In Olive Wood



Set of 6 Pcs. Rustic Knives in olive wood – Strongly linked to the Tuscan tradition, made of rustic art and farmhouses, large wooden tables laid and a beautiful Florentine steak, the “Rustico” Knives of Saladin and the essence of the steak knife.

The “Rustic” is a knife from unusual measures, 28 cm/11 inc of perfection and uniqueness. The blade, large, sharp and cut smoothly, and molds. It has a shape that curves downwards to allow for cutting the meat to the tip and is mounted on the handle thanks to a retractable circular shank and a node from the circular design that ties in perfectly with the shape of the handle.

The neck, bigger and more powerful than any other table knives, is of olive wood, made opaque by a greater affinity to the concept of rustic. It ‘a neck full and without rivets with a characteristic curved shape typical of table and kitchen cutlery Saladin. The “Rustic” is a steak knife to cut class with extraordinary talents and techniques originalità.


  •  Blade: stainless steel AISI 420 Forged
  •  Handle: olive wood, buffalo horn * (on request), boxwood * (on request)

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