Set Of 6 Pcs. Steak Knifes In Horn Of Cm.23, 5/9,5 Inc



Set of 6 Pcs. Steak Knifes in horn of ox 23.5 cm/9.05 inc – Meat knife-cut that allows the smooth flesh of non-brittle and consequently to keep intact the taste. As for the handles, made in various natural materials are all derived from a whole piece of material, there are no “cheeks”, because our long experience in the field has shown us that the handle “full” does not penetrate the dirt and water that determine the biggest factor in wear and tear on the tool plate riveted. This means a better cleaning and maintenance is a good time.

Technical specifications

  •  Blade: stainless steel AISI 420 Forged
  •  Handle: tip of ox horn, olive wood, buffalo horn * (on request), boxwood * (on request)

Additional information

Weight5.00 kg


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