Sharpener Knives In Horn Cm37/14.5 Inc



The flint sharpener is the essential tool to keep track knives cut smoothly. In fact, if used in the recommended way can avoid having to provide a thorough sharpening. The method that should be taken to use the lock is to slide the blade with a movement against wire with an inclination of about 30 °, with attention to put the knife ever outward. This procedure if done often (by virtue of what you use the knife) allows a good maintenance. L ‘lock and forged special steel and is also anchored to the handle by a tang to grip.


Technical specifications

  •  Blade: 420 stainless steel forged
  •  Handle: tip of ox horn, olive wood, buffalo horn * (on request), boxwood * (on request)

Additional information

Weight7.00 kg


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