The Roman Empire Complete Chess Set (Board And Pieces)

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Unique and beautiful chess set inspired at the Roman Empire.

Made in Bronze, finished using Real Gold 24 Karat it is a super set. Each piece is a little and fabulous sculpture signed by his creator, the artist Pietro Benzoni.

The chessboard is made of Onyx and embedded in a base handcrafted 24 kt gold-plated and silver-plated solid bronze.

This luxurious handcrafted limited production Cesare Augusto Imperatore Romano themed chess set is one of the most beautiful historical set you can desire and the perfect item to be shown in each chess player’s house.

Size : King h 2.7″ Base 0.8″x0.8″ – Caesar Augustus Roman Emperor Onix Chessboard base : 13.3″x13.3″x2.7″ – Square 1.4″x1.4″

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