Made in Firenze” by Dataflorence S.r.l. delivers its products by DHL and UPS.

“Made in Firenze” informs its customers that in compliance with the laws in force, in the event they want to return some items, they are guaranteed all rights concerning:

  • conditions of sale and
  • return policy.

All purchases made through “Made in Firenze” by Dataflorence S.r.l. secure shopping service are subject to Italian Law Decrees nr. 50/1992, 114/1998 and 185/1999 and to all rules and regulations in force regulating the right to return merchandise. In order to exert this right, you must:

a) send a registered letter with return receipt within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the merchandise in which you express your will to exert the right granted by Italian Law Decrees nr. 50/1992, 114/1998 and 185/1999 and ensuing laws;


b) send a telegram or email with return receipt to or fax the number +39 055 50 00 358 within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the merchandise.

The notifications listed at the points a) and b) must be addressed to “Made in Firenze“, legal and administrative headquarters in Via Pico della Mirandola 8, 50132 Florence, Italy and must include the name of the product to be returned and the purchase order number assigned at the placement of the order. The above-mentioned notifications must be signed by the same person who made the purchase.

Within the same 10 (ten) days you must send to “Made in Firenze“e by Dataflorence S.r.l. the item/s you want to return by post or courier or any other means of your choice. Please note that the 10-day period starts when the forwarder consigns the merchandise to you.

Please, include the invoice you received with the item/s.

We request that you bear the cost of return postage only in the event you want to return the merchandise because it is not to your liking.

If the merchandise is returned for substitution,“Made in Firenze” will send a courier to collect it and delivery will be charged to the producer.

In order for you to exert your rights, items should be returned in their original conditions and packaging (return in normal state of conservation, provided that the items have been kept and/or used with due diligence).

Within 30 (thirty) days of notice of your will to return the item/s and after having received the returned item/s, “Made in Firenze” will refund you by bank transfer the cost of the item/s stated in your invoice. Delivery charges cannot be refunded and will remain on you.